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1999 // Geoflux Housing /
This housing project observes Los Angeles as a city generated by the flow of immigrants. The boundaries and overlapping areas between ethnic communities define an overall sense of ambiguous territories in the entire city. The proposal zooms in on Chinatown, from which a network of cultural discursive rings intends to revitalize the local urban condition with consideration of larger global matrices.
Today Chinatown is becoming more multicultural while maintaining a large senior citizen population. Geoflux housing is designed for this particular shift, providing spatial and programmatic mobility for their needs, connecting restaurant establishments as foundations. To further stimulate the economy and historic immigration sentiment, Geoflux housing is located adjacent to a railroad industry. The building system is speculatively forged with technology of Capital Milling, a train cargo manufacturer and fabrication company next to the site.
Project Team: Andy Ku, Kam Ku