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2009 // Loop Shelter /
Loop Shelter is designed for the study of time-trial cycling at Lake Annecy France, situated to the north of the lake as a start booth and finish line for the track around the lake. The project embarks on the idea of continuity at multiple scales, producing fluid yet unexpected moments between the built and natural environments. The envelope is conceived with lightweight, carbon fiber shell with aluminum structural reinforcements. The floor is split into two areas; one is a sloping plane on a pair of jack lifts designated for the time-trial starting position. The other is a resting area for the cyclists and the team crew to monitor the performance of time-trial race. The Loop is an open shelter, exuberating horizontality and aerodynamics, activating the extended ground-scape for dwelling.
Project Lead: Andy Ku // Project Team: Juan Azcarate, Robby Gilson, Andy Ku, Kam Ku, Jae-Hun Lee, Rinaldo Perez