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2009 // Kuru-Kuru Urbanism /
Kuru-Kuru Urbanism is a proposal seeking alternative infrastructural design that constitutes a different demand for mobility in Downtown Los Angeles. Unlike the freeway and metro systems which are engineered for optimum expediency to connect from place A to place B, Kuru-Kuru is a cultural aqueduct that is interested in developing a slower yet fluid connection between different zones of interests. It is a network that encourages different programs, identities, and businesses to expand throughout the Downtown area. Kuru-Kuru is a raised structure above the streets that contains a few transport mechanisms. Bike paths, solar powered conveyor belt system, and water taxi canals are implemented as part of the proposal.
Project Lead: Andy Ku // Project Team: Jatasik Chaipatanavanith, Wayne Ko, Jae-Hun Lee, Andy Ku, Kam Ku