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2003 // Jumbo Jet Theater /
747 Jumbo Jet Theater is a contemporary gypsy wagon. The performance travels on a pair of wings around the world with a portable auditorium on its back. It is an adaptable apparatus designed to provide cultural exchange across our geographic and national boundaries. It can accommodate multiple performance types and conduct assembly on any site. Unlike any other Jumbo Jet, this theater is an instrument designed to host repetitive and ephemeral performances. The auditorium shell is tiled with prefabricated panels whose measurements are derived from the 747's interior wall dimensions. This theater is built with aviation technology to meet the requirements of theater programs.
The 747 Jumbo Jet was designed for expeditious economic exchange. It seeks to transgress our physical experience of the world through space-time compression. Since the 911 terror attacks, the identity of commercial airplane was altered. It is now also perceived as a weapon of mass destruction. This theater was conceived with an interest in identity mutation. This new construct of media re-codifies the existing perception of commercial airliner by fusing the essential value of theater art. Through the spirit of celebrating life and honoring humanity, this performative construct hopes to transform our horrific memory into a new spatial reality of sublimation and reconciliation.
Project Team: Andy Ku, Kam Ku